Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A February Feast For the Eyes and the Mind

Welcome back to the February edition of Sevenatenine! Our ninth graders have been working hard on demonstrating how research can be beautiful in their infographics. These infographics demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate research, design, and your interests all into one. Sit back with some hot chocolate and take a look at this month's chosen pieces.

by Alexa H., Grade 9

by Gabrielle S., Grade 9

by Jason P., Grade 9

by Lily D., Grade 9

Friday, January 19, 2018

A Most Promising Year

Welcome back to the January edition of Sevenatenine. The new year is starting off strong with a combination of amazing drawings and poems. 2018 is a most promising year based on the talent the school is already showing. Grab a blanket, cozy up by the fire, and enjoy this month's pieces.


Seven hours,
 Seven classes,
Showing my true colors.
No fear of eight or nine,
No reason to change who I am.
Just happily seven.

Goodbye seven, this is the real world.
Real drama,
Real struggles,
Real experiences.
Do I compromise who I am?
But then again,
 Who do people think I am?

Goodbye eight, this is competition.
Who has more friends?
More popular friends?
Eyes all around,

Goodbye nine, this is a new start.
At the bottom again,
Practically invisible to eleven and twelve.
But why does it matter?
A new chance to start over,
Be myself,
Accept that I'm my own person.
Not changing for eleven,
Not for twelve.
But will they judge me?

by Ella D., Grade 9

Artwork by Polina G., Grade 9

Potato Chip

When It's late in the school year,
And during an assembly,
Elementary students get bored
And hungry

I was definitely hungry
When I saw the potato chip,
On the auditorium floor,
Which was also our gym

I asked myself three questions:
Should I take it?
How long has it been there?
Do I care?

It had probably been there for a while,
No "three-second rule" could save it
But that hadn't changed
How it would taste

I guess I didn’t care,
At least not enough
Because when nobody was looking,
The chip vanished

I doubt I would do that now,
And you should too
But oh well,

It was a tasty snack

by Michael R., Grade 9

Artwork by Sabrina E., Grade 9

the apology

"i'm sorry." she mutters
it's a small, uttered apology with no rhyme or reason

i continue walking
"it's fine," the response floats up into the air and sits there for a while before it's gone
no one had even noticed the words above

it takes me a few seconds more to realize, as i look back at the faint outline
hair flying past others as she scrambles out the door
hands holding books too many for her grasp

i'm almost miles away from her
when I murmur the words

"sorry for what?"

by Alison Z., Grade 9

Artwork by Rachel C., Grade 9

I stumble through the darkness with glass stuck in my skin
I look up to the sky and everything caves in 
His B.M.W. set to flames 
Thinking what might be his name? 
I stumble through the darkness 
I know everything will change 
I see sirens in the distance 
I hear them loud and clear 
Relieved to see a medic 
But it's the police that I fear 
I stumble through the darkness, bloody head to toe
They treat me as a victim-- there's much that they don't know 

by Aiden D., Grade 9

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tracks In the Snow

Well, we are all still waiting for the first serious snowfall of the year, but maybe January will bring us a little more of the white stuff.  In the meantime, take a white page and make some tracks across the snow.  Figuratively, of course.  Write something.  Draw something.  Submit it to literary magazine by emailing your English teacher or art teacher.  We love submissions!  So use a little time over break to get creative and share the results with our editors at Sevenatenine. For now, enjoy two poems about mothers and daughters to round out your December.

Artwork by Sasha J., Grade 8

The Red Scare

Oh! How those red beauties are asking to be worn,
they stand confident and tall, ready to take down a storm.
I put them on my feet and grow two more inches,
and waddle to my momma who is cooking in the kitchen.
"Look, momma, look! I'm grown just like you."
"Jessica, sweetie, please take off those shoes."
I huff and glower, trying to sit on the ground,
but my heel slips, tripping, I come crashing down.
A loud screech, a bundle of tears, and a kiss on the cheek,

I wipe my nose, wiggle my toes, I'll stick to my sneaks.

by Jess H., Grade 9

Artwork by Nicolette S., Grade 9

What My Mother Looks Like

My mother she wears lipstick,
Mascara on her eye,
Her hair straightened,
Sometimes curled,
Mine in a pony,
Held high.

My mother goes to work all day,
Sleep running on low,
Her day long,
Sometimes never ending,
Mine too short,
Too slow.

My mother told me to stay young,
No makeup on my face,
No sleepless nights,
No weary eyes,
No hidden face,
Life's not a chase.

But now I'm older,
Long hair,
Rosy cheeks,
Two hours of sleep that’s all,
One thing I never noticed,
Is how my mother seemed to fall.

One thing I never noticed,
I didn't want to be like that at all. 

by Delaney K., Grade 9

Artwork by Erin P., Grade 9

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November Blues

Hello fellow literature and art connoisseurs!

It's that time of year when leaves are falling, the wind is howling, days are getting shorter, and all the artists are debuting their holiday albums. Here at Sevenatenine, we know that the beginning of winter can be saddening, but we understand! So, grab some hot chocolate, stick in your earphones, blast that extra-festive music, and enjoy some poetry and artwork by your peers who feel the same way you do.

Your relatable friends at Sevenatenine.

Artwork by Rachel C., Grade 9

The Cards

Shuffle, lay, spread
Lay, spread, pick
Spread, pick, read
Pick, read, order
Read, order, cry
Order, cry, disbelief
Cry, disbelief, do it all again. 

by Lily M., Grade 9

Artwork by Katie M., Grade 9

No Longer a Leaf 
It lays there 
It stays there 
An example of what happens 
Its light fading 

The shadows of death come from the sides 
But there is still light left 

One golden spot survives darkness 
It will soon disappear 
As it lays there 
As it stays there 

By Richie M., Grade 9

Artwork by Kiera C. Grade 9


Lightning strikes
silent and sharp. 
It answers the call of its brother, Thunder
By striking terror into people's racing hearts
Above the powerless neighborhood, 
And fades as Hephaestus crafts more bolts
for Zeus to throw. 

Sydney S., Grade 9

Monday, October 30, 2017

An Autumnal Welcome

Happy autumn everyone! Welcome back to the 2017-18 edition of the Sevenatenine literary magazine. As the leaves blow off the trees, we will blow your minds with these amazing pieces of work from our very own students. We had some great work 'fall' into our hands (get it?) this month, and we're ecstatic to share it all with you. From a variety of authors and artists from the Holicong hallways, we present the October edition of Sevenatenine!

Artwork by Jordan M, Grade 8


Mocking, jeering, tantalizing, 
My editor is still revising, 
And slowly I am realizing 
My inspiration tranquilizing, 
That he is scarcely analyzing, 
My editor is compromising! 
He is greatly jeopardizing 
What I set on emphasizing; 
He sits intent on scrutinizing 
And on the way, demoralizing, 
Until I look, unrecognizing, 
At my words, unappetizing, 
And at his words, I start uprising, 
As we argue, polarizing. 
I wait for his apologizing, 
But ne’er it comes, to my despising, 
So I cease my vocalizing 
That his words were vandalizing 
And I commence my synthesizing 
Reasons for the organizing 
Of my words and fantasizing. 
My editor is neutralizing 
And he stops his terrorizing. 
Of course I’m not done satirizing 
(And vastly romanticizing) 
The excruciating, agonizing 
Procedure of authorizing. 

by Rebeca S., Grade 9

Artwork by Hayley H., Grade 9

Just Because

Just because I have special needs
It doesn't mean that I can't talk like a normal person 
It doesn’t mean that I'm not smart 
It doesn’t mean that I can't understand.
Just because I have special needs 
I'm not a freak 
I'm not selfish 
I'm not dumb.
Just because I have special needs 
I can understand my surroundings
I can enjoy my life 
I will not stop.
Because I have special needs   
I am strong and inspiring.

by Sydney H., Grade 9

Artwork by Morgan K., Grade 8


Hermes flies around the block, 
Zooming to each house 
He comes bearing messages, 
Great gifts from the Amazon 
Spiteful and quick,  
Every family has a letter from the gods. 
He then ascends to Olympus  
Preparing for the next day's work 

by Michael M., Grade 9

Artwork by Lucy I., Grade 9