Monday, October 30, 2017

An Autumnal Welcome

Happy autumn everyone! Welcome back to the 2017-18 edition of the Sevenatenine literary magazine. As the leaves blow off the trees, we will blow your minds with these amazing pieces of work from our very own students. We had some great work 'fall' into our hands (get it?) this month, and we're ecstatic to share it all with you. From a variety of authors and artists from the Holicong hallways, we present the October edition of Sevenatenine!

Artwork by Jordan M, Grade 8


Mocking, jeering, tantalizing, 
My editor is still revising, 
And slowly I am realizing 
My inspiration tranquilizing, 
That he is scarcely analyzing, 
My editor is compromising! 
He is greatly jeopardizing 
What I set on emphasizing; 
He sits intent on scrutinizing 
And on the way, demoralizing, 
Until I look, unrecognizing, 
At my words, unappetizing, 
And at his words, I start uprising, 
As we argue, polarizing. 
I wait for his apologizing, 
But ne’er it comes, to my despising, 
So I cease my vocalizing 
That his words were vandalizing 
And I commence my synthesizing 
Reasons for the organizing 
Of my words and fantasizing. 
My editor is neutralizing 
And he stops his terrorizing. 
Of course I’m not done satirizing 
(And vastly romanticizing) 
The excruciating, agonizing 
Procedure of authorizing. 

by Rebeca S., Grade 9

Artwork by Hayley H., Grade 9

Just Because

Just because I have special needs
It doesn't mean that I can't talk like a normal person 
It doesn’t mean that I'm not smart 
It doesn’t mean that I can't understand.
Just because I have special needs 
I'm not a freak 
I'm not selfish 
I'm not dumb.
Just because I have special needs 
I can understand my surroundings
I can enjoy my life 
I will not stop.
Because I have special needs   
I am strong and inspiring.

by Sydney H., Grade 9

Artwork by Morgan K., Grade 8


Hermes flies around the block, 
Zooming to each house 
He comes bearing messages, 
Great gifts from the Amazon 
Spiteful and quick,  
Every family has a letter from the gods. 
He then ascends to Olympus  
Preparing for the next day's work 

by Michael M., Grade 9

Artwork by Lucy I., Grade 9