Thursday, December 20, 2018

December Gray

Well, the gray, wet weather persists into December, but it does not stifle our students' creativity here at Holicong Middle School.  Enjoy the wit, humor, and excellence embodied by this month's poets, and we look forward to bringing you new art and writing in the new year. A viola, a photocopier, Instagram and the hospital all make an appearance in this month's post. It is as eclectic as we are.


You may not have heard my name spoken aloud before, but you know I’m always there.
In every orchestral arrangement, quartet piece, even solo.
You hear me, yet you are surprised at my very existence.
I let them make jokes about me, their mockery and cruel laughter crashing over me, day after day.

I let Violin bask in constant praise and attention, for she always receives the melody.
She, of course, deserves the most credit.
You can see the picture painted right before your eyes as she sings her song.
She is the best and most elegant. She leads the orchestra.

I step out of the picture to let Cello have his time in the light, for he is in the back as much as I and deserves respect.
His deep, mysterious voice echoes off the walls of the concert hall. He, too, is just as capable of imagery as Violin.
Cello keeps the beat going while contributing to the melody.

Bass is different.
 He has a highly important job to fulfill-to help us stay in line.
He is the beat we fall back on when we stumble.

And then there’s me.
I’m pushed out of the way.
I always give up the spotlight, rather I’m forced to, because I’m simply the one who plays the background. 

My job is to support my brothers and sisters, the column that holds the temple up.
Alas, never the solo, never the melody.
Nothing special.
Nice to meet you, I’m a viola.

by Emma S., Grade 9

Copy Machine

There are no uniforms at this school,
But that is a lie.
Because girls are quite cruel, and in order to be cool,
You have some things you need to buy:

1.     Black leggings with long socks
2.     T-shirts from old sports teams
3.     Grey slip-on vans or Birkenstocks
4.     A flat iron to burn your hair until it steams
5.     Make sure your mascara is caked
6.     And your personality is faked

If you don’t follow these rules,
Then you’ll be called a fool.
God forbid you are different or unique,
And if you are, they will quickly bespeak.

It happens every day,
In some sort of way.
It even happened today,
To a girl in my class.
She wasn’t like the rest.
These other girls picked up on it fast,
And made fun of the way she dressed.
In front of everyone.

The poor girl was stunned,
For being herself, she was bullied,
And will never again be herself fully.
Ever since that day,
I am sad to say,
She never dresses the same way,
And just like that, we have another clone.
Their real personalities never shown.

Almost all girls are the same,
To which we cannot tame.
It is all just someone’s ploy,
Your differences, they want to destroy.

Like a candle,
Your flame can easily be blown out.
To most, their words are too much to handle.
Then, without a doubt,
You too will fit the mold,
Until you grow old,
Because of what they told,
And never again will you be bold.
Their opinion, you will always hold.

Because when you were fourteen,
Their words were like a guillotine.
Will somebody please turn off
This horrible copy machine?

by Kayla S., Grade 9

** The following poem is inspired by an article from Psychology Today and meant in jest.  The poet has specified that he wants you to know that he is not actually aspiring to be a dictator**

How I am Turning Into a Dictator via Instagram
Before we begin
Credit should be given where due:

These requirements come from Psychology Today and Mark Van Vugt, Ph.D.

Also hit me up @Morose 42.
1 Expand your power base through nepotism and corruption
I have told my parents and brother to follow me in exchange for favors.
2 Instigate a monopoly on the use of force to curb public protest
People who disagree with me on Instagram are met with immediate and merciless yelling.
3 Curry favor by providing public goods efficiently and generously
I post spicy memes on my Instagram, which are seen as funny and valuable.
4 Create and defeat a common enemy
This one not so much, but I make fun of Trump a bit;
And that is sort of a common enemy, though not created.
5 Accumulate power by manipulating the hearts and minds of your citizens
I express vehement, well-worded opinions which people are naturally drawn to support.
6 Create an ideology to justify an exalted position
I have invented “Morosism.”
This is an ideology wherein I am the sole deity and to disagree with myself is a sin.

The dark part of this is that I am not the only person who fits all of these requirements.

by Eli M., Grade 9

I Remember

My dad,
All the memories I hold near
And I am so glad--
But I also fear

But what do I fear?
Keep hope, keep hope,
The time is near
I cannot cope

Setting up the ice rink,
Mowing the grass,
My heart starts to sink,
Helping me with class

Thoughts of my dad flood my head,
Working hours and hours
The newspaper he read;
I quickly glance over at the flowers

“You call that music?” he would say,
He splashed around in the small Intex pool,
Would tell stories of Santa’s sleigh:
But watching this was cruel

He slowly inhales,
The monitor beeps
His body is frail,
My brother weeps

The look of confusion
Is evident on his wrinkly face…
This must be an illusion,
The hospital is his home base

My tears start to roll,
And he keeps glaring
My heart has a hole;
I keep staring

“Dad, it’s me” I softly say
I think, will the sun ever rise?
Dad, come on… answer, I pray--
“Who are you” he softly replies.

by Delaney P., Grade 9