Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tracks In the Snow

Well, we are all still waiting for the first serious snowfall of the year, but maybe January will bring us a little more of the white stuff.  In the meantime, take a white page and make some tracks across the snow.  Figuratively, of course.  Write something.  Draw something.  Submit it to literary magazine by emailing your English teacher or art teacher.  We love submissions!  So use a little time over break to get creative and share the results with our editors at Sevenatenine. For now, enjoy two poems about mothers and daughters to round out your December.

Artwork by Sasha J., Grade 8

The Red Scare

Oh! How those red beauties are asking to be worn,
they stand confident and tall, ready to take down a storm.
I put them on my feet and grow two more inches,
and waddle to my momma who is cooking in the kitchen.
"Look, momma, look! I'm grown just like you."
"Jessica, sweetie, please take off those shoes."
I huff and glower, trying to sit on the ground,
but my heel slips, tripping, I come crashing down.
A loud screech, a bundle of tears, and a kiss on the cheek,

I wipe my nose, wiggle my toes, I'll stick to my sneaks.

by Jess H., Grade 9

Artwork by Nicolette S., Grade 9

What My Mother Looks Like

My mother she wears lipstick,
Mascara on her eye,
Her hair straightened,
Sometimes curled,
Mine in a pony,
Held high.

My mother goes to work all day,
Sleep running on low,
Her day long,
Sometimes never ending,
Mine too short,
Too slow.

My mother told me to stay young,
No makeup on my face,
No sleepless nights,
No weary eyes,
No hidden face,
Life's not a chase.

But now I'm older,
Long hair,
Rosy cheeks,
Two hours of sleep that’s all,
One thing I never noticed,
Is how my mother seemed to fall.

One thing I never noticed,
I didn't want to be like that at all. 

by Delaney K., Grade 9

Artwork by Erin P., Grade 9