Thursday, October 9, 2014

How Many Lives Does a Cat Have Again?

Oh, that's right -- nine!

It is the ninth of October, so it is now time to present some ninth-grade work.  We share artwork created on a pair of flip-flops, perhaps flip-flops that are ready to explore the open road of life, as depicted in the poem that follows.

#robertfrostwouldbeproud #roadnottaken #metaphor #lifeisaroad

Starting on 10/10/14, information will be available via morning announcements about how students can get more involved in writing, creating, and publishing for Sevenatenine magazine this year. We hope to see many students involved in the creative process!

artwork by Michael T
Grade 9

 What If

What if a road, untraveled, untouched
for us to explore
the never-ending paths to which it brings us.

All future journeys, for ages to come,
are for us to create our own twists and turns
or maybe even an ending.

From the unfinished patches
to the recently finished miles,
would the holes get paved or
the paved get holes
depending on what wandering footsteps
and continuous wheels may cross it?

What if our own individual road
intersected another's?
Does this mean a car crash,
or a shared boulevard
of eternal love?

What if our road just stopped,
not so never-ending after all?

by Meritt T.
Grade 9

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On the Eighth, From the Eighth

As announced yesterday, each month we will present some work from an eighth-grade student on the eighth of the month. 

Any student interested in submitting creative work for our monthly posts can email a submission to and Mr. Vogelsinger and his team of editors will consider it for publication on our site. We are excited to work with as many writers and artists this year as possible!

We begin our year of eighth-grade poems published on the eighth of the month with a poem about identity:

I Am
tired, bored, loving, artist
daughter of Denise and Robert
lover of the arts and pencils
who feels anxious and scared
who needs art to breath and music to think
who gives happiness to others
who fears heights, spiders, the dark, and lightning
who would like to see every country and experience every culture
who enjoys feeling free and needed
who likes to wear baggy clothes
resident of the Milky Way Galaxy
by Amanda M.
Grade 8
artwork by Sayde S.
Grade 8

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A New Beginning

Welcome back to a new school year on Sevenatenine everyone!

We are starting something new this year: a monthly routine of posting work from all three grades. 

Each month, on the seventh of the month, expect something new written by a seventh-grader.  Eighth-graders dominate the eighth of the month, ninth-graders own the ninth. 

We look forward to a productive and creative year on our magazine, and we hope you will use the email subscription box on our home page to follow our journey.

Look for changes to the appearance of our magazine coming soon with the help of editors and after-school club members!

Here is our first seventh-grade poem of the year, a poem about memories and lakefronts and the eye of an artist.

A clean slate

A blank canvas

A searing summer day
In the dying days of a season once new
The lake screaming out our names
Yearning to be used


Glistening sapphire-blue water
Blood-red boards
The paints for my summer masterpiece

We slice cleanly into the water
Like a warm knife through butter
Heavenly golden rays of sun pour down through a minute puncture in the clouds
Drenching everything in blinding sunlight
Bringing the temperature to a boil
Casting shadows within the painting


The murmur of voice sizzles away
Into the fresh air
Nature surrounds us on all sides
Adding a green tint to my composition  


Standing up at last
Propelling myself forward
Baking in the sun
I jump into the seemingly frigid water
Stirring up the lake
I scoop myself onto the board
Lying down again


My hand drifting through the water

Chills coarse through me
A sign of seasons to come


A blank canvas no longer
A work of art complete
by Liam M.
Grade 7

artwork by Isabel A.
Grade 7