Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May You Find the Extraodinary in the Ordinary

Although the end is nearing and everyone is itching to begin their summer plans, we hope that you take some time to discover the positive sides in these seemingly dreary times. In these two poems, the authors have illustrated their unique and uplifting revelations found in their everyday lives. Summer is almost here, and we hope this month's post will help you get through the final days!

Drawing by Nick B., Grade 8

The Window
I once sat in silence
staring at my phone
Completely immersed in its harsh glow
Then a moving object
attracted my eye
I looked out the window
And saw something amazing
A bright mid-summer sunset
painted the sky pink
Flowers began to open up to each other
and show their true colors.
A man grabbed a ball that landed in a puddle
and returned it home to warm smiles and polite thank you's
Children who started building a snow man
only to give up and gleefully exchange snowballs
Sounds infiltrated through the window like sneaky burglars
Sounds like bird tweets and drumbeats and
others came together
To form a collage.
People of all kinds starting to gather
People of every shape, size, color, personality, and origin
chatted and laughed and sang
No one was alone, everyone had a part to play
I stood there transfixed at this strange world, but
left to return to phone and my business
But found I couldn't
Its semblance of importance
didn't engage me anymore
Its beauty had been eclipsed
by what I had seen
It was a shallow pond now
compared to the great ocean

Outside the window.

by Nate S., Grade 9
Artwork by Katie C., Grade 7

“Rain Boots” 
The most resilient of people 
Keep a pair of rain boots by the door, 
So when the sky opens up,  
letting water quench the barren Earth, 
They are always prepared 
To step out into the storm. 
And when they trudge in, 
Ruffling the water droplets from their hair, 
They do not cleanse the mud off their soles 
Because they leave it as a reminder 
Of all the times they not only walked through the rain, 
But jumped in all the puddles. 
Because they know without rain 
Their flowers of sagacity would not bloom, 
They would have no streams to drink up character, 
Or water droplets to mask their emotions. 
And above all, 
They know they would never appreciate the sun 
When it finally came out again. 
  When the clouds roll in 
And a cascade comes fleeting from the sky above, 
They go out in the rain,  
leaving the umbrella by the door, 
And they dance.

Poem by Courtney S., Grade 9

Artwork by Rhianna S., Grade 9