Monday, October 31, 2011

Name this poem!

Seventh grader, Claire A., wrote the following poem in reading class. It is currently unnamed. Any ideas? Read the poem and send us your best ideas for a name. The winner will get his or her name published in our blog post. Please, if you would like to have your name in our blog, add your first name and last initial to the comment. If you do not wish for your name to be published, you may have it published anonymously. We can't wait to see what you think!

I sit there throughout the night,
Wondering when it will become light.
The moon starts to set; the sun starts to rise,
Soon the rays shine before my eyes.
Enjoying the warmth upon my skin,
The world around me then begins to spin,
Soon I'm flying,
One last look,
And I close the book.

Twilight Insights

Below is an interesting perspective of what occurs while we are all sleeping, written by a seventh grade student.

Nighttime by Julian L.

What happens at night
Do the buttersticks slide in the sink like skateboarders
Do the baseballs throw themselves around like leaves in the wind
Do cars honk their horns like bass in a song
Do books jump from their shelves like sky divers from a plane
Do clocks spin their hands like a merry-go-round
Do faucets shoot out water like a broken dam
Or do household items just stay silent and still like we think they do?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hunting for Adventure

This sketch is by Marshall W., an eighth grader.

Creative writers, here is your challenge:  Imagine you are a mouse.  You see cat.  Cat sees you.  What strategic places do you run to in order to avoid being eaten?  Why do you have the best chances of surviving there?  Submit your writing by adding a comment to this post. There is a six-sentence maximum length.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Power of One

Sometimes the simple repetition of just one word is all it takes to create a high-impact rhythm.  In this case, the word is "one." 

One month,
One day,
One minute,
The time it takes to love him.

One second,
One hour,
One eternity,
That’s how long I’ll stay.

One lie,
One shove,
One tear,
That’s all it takes to push me away.

by Emilie M.
Grade 9

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fascinating Rhythm

Listen to the way the ideas and rhythm in this poem skip over memories just like a jet skii skipping over the waves. 

Champagne Island

On the jet ski raft pound pound
Waves like ramps all around round
Water spews in my face, so crisp
Are you OK, Joanne asks,
Yes, I holler back with a lisp.
Dolphins near and far flipping in the air
That smirky smile they always wear
Swimming in the potion grean H20
What hides down there?
We really don't know
Except the minnows that swim by
In just one second I barely miss, sigh
From swimming, to horseshoe crabs,
To dolphins that'll blow your mind
Some things I couldn't take,
But memories don't get left behind.

Carly W.
seventh grade

Monday, October 10, 2011

Our First Post: Poems

This is our very first post! Welcome to sevenatenine. Here is your first helping of poetry. We hope that these poems will satisfy your hunger for verse. If you have any more good poetry "recipes" or completed "dishes," email them to our head chef, Mr. Vogelsinger at These poems are short, "snacks" so to speak. They are written by some of Mr. Vogelsinger's students about the book, The Outsiders. They are also inspired by Simon and Garfunkel's classic song, "I Am A Rock."
The blog "servers" selected the ones they feel are the best. Please, add comments to let these writers know what you think of them. Enjoy these "snacks" and stay tuned for the first "meal!"

I am a hammer,
Tough, durable
I break in,
then build up and slip away
until I am need again.

I am a pencil,
small and useful,
yet easily broken.
I can have
a sharp point.

I am a stray dog,
When I shouldn't be,
But still friendly on the inside.

I am a baby bird,
Lost in a big world,
Left without parents to guide me,
Learning to fly on my own.