Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ode to June

As we write this last post and wrap up the year,
We do not intend to bring you to tears.
It is time for us to go and head into summer
We bid you goodbye, oh what a bummer!!!

So we leave you with this
But perhaps you won't miss
Our terrible puns,
But your editors must be done.

Enjoy these last words
From your FAVORITE English nerds
Go and explore new summer sights
And please, don't forget to write!

Artwork by Alexa H., Grade 8

Ode to Travel

O, the   new places
             new sights
             new sounds
             new food.

O, the   different culture
             different climate
             different forms of transportation
             different adaptations.

O, the   unique attractions
             unique locals
             unique stores
             unique places .

Travel lets me be as free as a bird
It shows me these joys
And allows me to have
Many new experiences.

By Jason R., Grade 7

Artwork by Delaney S., Grade 9

Ode to the Beatles

There once was a quad from Great Britain
Who'd gained fame for the songs which they'd written
They invaded the U.S. 
And became one of the best
For all the young ladies were smitten.

At first they came off as quite cheery
In suits singing 'bout someone's deary
They'd twist and they'd shout
But soon they would spout
Tunes that were turning more teary.

First came the girl with no fellow
And a submarine boat of bright yellow
A strawberry land
And a great trip unplanned
Then they all went to India to mellow.

At last they had gotten quite tired
And more familiar life they desired
So back they went to record
And every rock rule explored
Until their dynamic expired.

You may know of their tunes which we hum
Remembering this fab foursome
Only two now alive
Yet their music still thrives
As the voice of an era that it's become.

By Jillian T. Grade 9

Some Final Thoughts...

How do you achieve complete and untouched happiness?
Everyone's idea of untouched happiness is different.
How do you laugh solely and everlastingly everyday of your life?
You determine the joy you take out of laughter.
How do you breathe in only positive and let out only negative?
Give me a call when you find it out.
How do you balance life and death?
Death is the absence of life, life is the absence of death.
Life's most pressing questions may go unanswered
For copious years after you and I
But who doesn’t love a good mystery?

By Callie C., Grade 9

Once again, have a WONDERFUL summer full of new discoveries!

Your editors,
Jillian T., Emily W., Courtney S., Callie C., Ling X., Nate S., Sara Elizabeth M., Jason R.