Friday, March 1, 2013

Suffering From Writer's Block?

Eighth grader Anthony sincerely felt that he had nothing to write.  Yet the teacher assigned the class to write an extended complex sentence with multiple dependent clauses, trying to shape the sentence3 into a poem.  This poem is the result, reminding us that just playing with words sometimes helps us escape our worst case of writer's block:

Notebook Entry, 2/27/13

Although I began this poem well,
Because I have no idea what to write,
As I've been thinking about many issues,
When I should be writing about a peaceful time,
If I can think of any peaceful issues,
Since I have been very hyper lately,
Whenever I hear about a crazy topic,
Where I had been imagining new ideas,
Until I can get my mind straight,
I can't think of a good poem.

Anthony S., eighth grade