Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The National Poetry Month Post

April is National Poetry Month, and today we bring to you some poetry by Miss Levin's students.  This is one of two posts that we will feature this month, with some narrative writing coming soon.  What are you doing in classes to celebrate National Poetry Month this year?

Artwork by Chloe U., Grade 9

A Virtual Journey

As I'm searching through the options,
I see that I must do this the hard way.
There are only two choices
Each with tempting bribes.

I could take the easy way and the shorter way,
But this would result in poor quality.
I could also take the longer and more difficult way
And it would result in better quality

For the longer way,
I would have to travel through multiple destinations.
For the shorter way,
One location would do the trick.

Which to choose, which to choose?
The decision is ripping me apart.
At last I choose the long way,
And begin the journey

I make it through two destinations,
Only one left.
The final leg on my journey and I finally make it
To the Netflix homepage.

by Colette B., Grade 9

Artwork by Maya T., Grade 9

The Countdown

We come back to school
In September
Excited for the new year.
The new classes, new teachers
And new friends.
It’s fun and exciting
For the first week
Then reality hits.

We begin longing for the summer days
Where we would spend them relaxing
Hanging out with friends
Enjoying vacations
Getting tan
Staying up late
Doing whatever we want.

We begin the countdown
Until the day we get summer back
Journeying through ten long months.
Ten months of work,
Tests and quizzes,
Persevering through it all
So we can reach the day

The day we get summer once again.

by Sara M., Grade 9
Artwork by Avery J., Grade 8

The clock strikes midnight,
And I know it's time to shine,
I tiptoe past my mom's room,
I fall down the stairs with a boom.
Thankfully, everyone was asleep.
I slowly creep.
                            I'm so close.
                            Almost there!
                            I can practically taste the cheesesteak
                            I am about to devour.

                            I hear the fridge open and I know
                            I am not alone.

                            I am this close to dialling 911 on my phone.

                            I see my brother holding my cheesesteak.

                            I hit call --
                            This is why you don't take my food.

by Elena S., Grade 9