Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November Blues

Hello fellow literature and art connoisseurs!

It's that time of year when leaves are falling, the wind is howling, days are getting shorter, and all the artists are debuting their holiday albums. Here at Sevenatenine, we know that the beginning of winter can be saddening, but we understand! So, grab some hot chocolate, stick in your earphones, blast that extra-festive music, and enjoy some poetry and artwork by your peers who feel the same way you do.

Your relatable friends at Sevenatenine.

Artwork by Rachel C., Grade 9

The Cards

Shuffle, lay, spread
Lay, spread, pick
Spread, pick, read
Pick, read, order
Read, order, cry
Order, cry, disbelief
Cry, disbelief, do it all again. 

by Lily M., Grade 9

Artwork by Katie M., Grade 9

No Longer a Leaf 
It lays there 
It stays there 
An example of what happens 
Its light fading 

The shadows of death come from the sides 
But there is still light left 

One golden spot survives darkness 
It will soon disappear 
As it lays there 
As it stays there 

By Richie M., Grade 9

Artwork by Kiera C. Grade 9


Lightning strikes
silent and sharp. 
It answers the call of its brother, Thunder
By striking terror into people's racing hearts
Above the powerless neighborhood, 
And fades as Hephaestus crafts more bolts
for Zeus to throw. 

Sydney S., Grade 9