Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Slam Poem and Infographics

To celebrate national poetry month, we invite you to enjoy an audio poem written and performed by Kristen O. and Olivia A. and artwork by Olivia O.

For the other side of your brain, enjoy two well-researched infographics from ninth grade students.

by Madison T., Grade 9

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by Shannon W., Grade 9

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 by Kaycee F., Grade 9 

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Friday, April 8, 2016

By the Sea

Think of golden sunlight and crisp ocean waves as you sail your way blissfully through this spectacular poem by Ben T.

 artwork by Blair B, 8th grade

Sunset Sailing

Where the water turns white,
Until the sun goes down,
As the fish flee in fright,
Into the endless night,
I stand at the bow like a king with a crown.

When the water flies,
So that it fills the golden skies,
Where the birds return,
Until they are lost behind the stern,
My kingdom watches as the sun dies.

When without a guiding hand,
Where light appears we must land,
If only we didn't go back to sand,
Where the only fish are canned,
My kingdom I must abandon.

by Ben T., Grade 8

Thursday, April 7, 2016

National Poetry Month Has Arrived!

artwork by Lauren G., Grade 7

Here is a poem by Sabrina E. in honor of the 20th Anniversary of National Poetry Month. This piece of poetry reveals the author's conflict between lightness and darkness.

Light vs. Dark

Does light cancel dark?

Or does dark

Cancel light?


They fight.

Who will win?

The sun who supports


Or the moon

Who supports


The sun

Stands alone.

The moon

Stands with the stars.

What is stronger?

A fiery


Which keeps us warm

Through the cold?

Or an icy


Which guides us

Through the dark?




- by Sabrina E., Grade 7

To further celebrate national poetry month, here is an interactive article on blackout poetry which can help you to create your own short poems:

Here is the official website of the Academy of American Poets which goes into the history and significance of national poetry month:

Juan Felipe Herrera, the poet laureate, is writing a poem that will span his laureateship. Click here to learn more and to contribute a line to the poem, La Familia: