Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Believe in Little Things

Whether it is the gears inside of a watch, or the optimism inside of or hearts, little things keep the wide world turning.  Both the artwork and the poetry in this month's final post emphasize this fact.

artwork by Natalie D.
Grade 9

Little Things

For every salty teardrop,
There is a gentle smile.
For every rainy day,
There is a rainbow.
For every hateful person,
There are thousands more who give their lives for others.
For every goodbye,
There is a hello.
For every Monday morning,
There is a Friday afternoon.
For every second that passes in your beautiful life,
Is another memory made,
For life is not measured in time,
It is measured in moments,
Keurig coffee on a rainy Sunday morning,
Pastel sunrises beyond the horizon of the vast ocean,
The aroma that fills the whole house when there are homemade chocolate chip cookies in the oven,
The carefree innocence of a baby’s giggle when you do something silly,
Waking up to a soft, white blanket, covering the town in December,
The first sunny day in April,
Smiles from a passing stranger,
Warm sips out of a steaming mug after a day in the cold,
Long hugs with the ones you love,
When your favorite song blasts through the fuzzy car speakers,
The smell of freshly cut grass,
Sand making its way between your toes,
The rays of sun that beam, radiating warmth on your skin,
For these are the moments,
That make the struggles worth it,
For you cannot experience the beauty of joy without the pain.
Life is not measured in time,
It is measured in moments.

by Lauren B.
Grade 9

To celebrate the recent production of Peter Pan at CB East, Rachel C. designed this artistic typography to share with our readers. It reinterprets the first page of J. M. Barrie's classic, Peter Pan.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Darkness and Light

For the first time in the history of sevenatenine, we have poetry and artwork created by the same person this month.  Notice how one resonates with the other, even though they were created at different times.


Is love
A pair of rings?
A kiss?
Two hands entwined?
A smile passed between near-strangers?

Is love
A mother's warm embrace?
A father's pride?
A brother's sticky-fingered high five?
A sister's shared Barbie doll?

Is love
A flutter in your stomach?
A racing pulse?
A blush, coating your cheeks?
An unconscious smile?

Is love
Something that can be measured?
Something that can be counted?
Something that can be weighed?
Something that can be calculated?

Is love
To be taken for granted?
To be cherished?
To be strived for?
To be upheld?

Or is love
Something different
For each heart?

by Evelyn H. 
Grade 8

artwork by Evelyn H.
Grade 8

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Little Bit of a Riddle

This month, our poet asked that we withhold the subject of this poem, excluding it from the title and the introduction.  The imagery speaks for itself, and we believe you can figure it out on your own! 


A flood of pain washed over me.
It felt as if the world had ended.
Sorrow, loss, and anger built up inside of me.
It was like my life was dangling from a thread.

2% . . . 1% . . . 0%

The thread broke.
My life fell.
No hope remained.
I was useless without it.
I heard someone offer up their charger,
but it was too late.
My electrical honey-gold heart had died.

by Angelina A.
Grade 7

artwork by Emily W.
Grade 7

artwork by Georgia K.
Grade 7