Monday, December 8, 2014

Darkness and Light

For the first time in the history of sevenatenine, we have poetry and artwork created by the same person this month.  Notice how one resonates with the other, even though they were created at different times.


Is love
A pair of rings?
A kiss?
Two hands entwined?
A smile passed between near-strangers?

Is love
A mother's warm embrace?
A father's pride?
A brother's sticky-fingered high five?
A sister's shared Barbie doll?

Is love
A flutter in your stomach?
A racing pulse?
A blush, coating your cheeks?
An unconscious smile?

Is love
Something that can be measured?
Something that can be counted?
Something that can be weighed?
Something that can be calculated?

Is love
To be taken for granted?
To be cherished?
To be strived for?
To be upheld?

Or is love
Something different
For each heart?

by Evelyn H. 
Grade 8

artwork by Evelyn H.
Grade 8

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