Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fascinating Rhythm

Listen to the way the ideas and rhythm in this poem skip over memories just like a jet skii skipping over the waves. 

Champagne Island

On the jet ski raft pound pound
Waves like ramps all around round
Water spews in my face, so crisp
Are you OK, Joanne asks,
Yes, I holler back with a lisp.
Dolphins near and far flipping in the air
That smirky smile they always wear
Swimming in the potion grean H20
What hides down there?
We really don't know
Except the minnows that swim by
In just one second I barely miss, sigh
From swimming, to horseshoe crabs,
To dolphins that'll blow your mind
Some things I couldn't take,
But memories don't get left behind.

Carly W.
seventh grade

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