Thursday, October 9, 2014

How Many Lives Does a Cat Have Again?

Oh, that's right -- nine!

It is the ninth of October, so it is now time to present some ninth-grade work.  We share artwork created on a pair of flip-flops, perhaps flip-flops that are ready to explore the open road of life, as depicted in the poem that follows.

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Starting on 10/10/14, information will be available via morning announcements about how students can get more involved in writing, creating, and publishing for Sevenatenine magazine this year. We hope to see many students involved in the creative process!

artwork by Michael T
Grade 9

 What If

What if a road, untraveled, untouched
for us to explore
the never-ending paths to which it brings us.

All future journeys, for ages to come,
are for us to create our own twists and turns
or maybe even an ending.

From the unfinished patches
to the recently finished miles,
would the holes get paved or
the paved get holes
depending on what wandering footsteps
and continuous wheels may cross it?

What if our own individual road
intersected another's?
Does this mean a car crash,
or a shared boulevard
of eternal love?

What if our road just stopped,
not so never-ending after all?

by Meritt T.
Grade 9


  1. We really enjoyed this poem! It inspired a lot of fascinating thoughts and ideas! Great job!

  2. This is such a great poem!

  3. Loved the poem alot very detailed

  4. Merit to strong of a poem! Great work way to put in work and write a very thoughtful poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XP :3

  5. it was good

  6. Good work. Stay golden

  7. Great work MEERRRITTTT! way to kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XP :3

  8. Meritt you are like a professional poet! This is really good! (kennedy)

  9. This is a really great poem! Great job!

  10. very good

  11. I liked the use of the many descriptive words. Great poem!

  12. Meritt this is an awesome poem! :D Stay gold Meritt :)