Thursday, December 1, 2011

Illness Personified

This poem, written by a seventh grader at Holicong, demonstrates the power of personification.  It's as if we can see the illness, reach out and touch him.  Creepy, but powerful!

Also notice the economy of words in this poem.  None of the individual words are extraordinary, but each word seems perfect in its place, and together they are marvelous.

A Cranky Poison

I saw Illness clearly. 
He had pale skin, weak arms, and slouched shoulders.
He whipped around fast and snapped his head.
I saw darkness in his treebark-brown eyes; the sadness was stark.
I heard a crackle in his voice, a horrible sigh, and a chop in every word.
I felt my heart in my gut.
I can't do anything to help.
Only hope remained. 

Taylor E., seventh grader

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