Monday, February 11, 2013

Figurative Darkness

Ninth grade students at Holicong have recently been exploring figurative "darkness" in some concise but thought-provoking poems.  What could better capture the doldrums that haunt us at winter's end? Hang in there everyone!  Spring is just ahead!

In the Dark

Trapped, on a winding road that never ends
Lonely, no consultations with friends
Confused as to what leads next
Like reading lines but not understanding the text

Lost in your own state of mind
Reliving mistakes far back in time
Ideas scramble in your brain
Trapped, feeling anything but sane

Brook B., Grade 9

In the Dark

The sun fades away,
Takes over does the night.
No more stars that shine brightly,
Not a beam of light.

Lost and alone,
With the forest's eerie cry and tune.
Yet there is still hope,
We still have the moon.

Casey Z., Grade 9

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