Friday, January 9, 2015

The Lonely Train

artwork by Audrey K.
Grade 9

This poem, written by one of Miss Levin's students, captures the craving for connection that we all have.  Instead of writing about a character, however, she personifies a train. 

The Lonely Train

The lonely train never rests
forever confined to the unforgiving steel track

collecting upon

traveling   m i l e   after   m i l e

temporary destinations merely a veneer
for the brutal reality of the endless journey

The lonely train has no companion
passengers board from different walks of life --
no face, no story, no demeanor ever the same
but all similar in the way they seem
to depart without a second glance.

The lonely train grows weary
vibrant sceneries blur with the haste of the trek
as it rambles through the days . . . weeks . . . months . . . years . . .
while the once-powerful engine becomes
weak and wheels rusted

The lonely train cries
its melancholy whistle piercing the stillness of night


                                           echoing through hills and valleys

telling the tale of a journey long traveled
pleading for a connection

by Jamie B.
Grade 9

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