Monday, February 9, 2015

Colorful Art, Inspiring Poems

When winter gets a little stale, it's time for us to brighten things up with some colorful art and inspiring poetry. Enjoy both from our ninth grade artists and writers this month!

artwork by Natalie D.
Grade 9

artwork by Nicole M.
Grade 9

A Mile is a Journey But so is a Step

A mile is a journey
but so is a step.
Doesn't matter where you're going
as long as you prep

My Journey was lengthy
but started so small.
It consists of some obstacles
like duels and a brawl.

I faced my highest angels and my deepest demons,
in the depth of my mind.
This journey did not only consist of humans
but extended beyond mankind

One step, two steps three steps, four,
a big one, a small one, what's one more?
I could go on forever in circles or squares,
doesn't matter what I do, climb mountains or climb squares.
Every journey has obstacles, twists and turns
some bumps and bruises, and even some burns.
But how can you run if you can't even walk,
you can't get through if you keep yourself locked.
But journeys don't end when you can't go on.
They end when you don't live to see the next dawn.

So my journey was a mile,
but started with a step.
It was an adventure in itself,
that started with one, small footstep.

Poem by Skylar S.
Grade 9

artwork by Brynn F.
Grade 9

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