Sunday, May 8, 2016

En Plein Air Poems

The En Plein Air style of painting is a phrase borrowed from French meaning "open (in full) air". This month, eighth-graders went outside in search of poetic inspiration from nature and use En Plein Air in poetry. Enjoy these poems, filled with the bright green and sweet smell of spring.


What is green?
Is it just a simple color?
I think it's hope
Hope for a better day
Hope that tomorrow will be better.
Or is it sadness?
The green sadness that makes us cry.
The green sadness that makes our mothers
Envelope us in warmth while we crumble
Or is it just a simple color?
The color clothing, eyes, plants?
I would like to think of it as something else
I think of it as something more.

By Trinity E., Grade 8

Spring Change

Outside, beginnings of new growth start,
The scene, it looks like art.
Fresh, chilly, and tranquil, the birds are chirping,
New energy and beginnings, spring is starting.
The beauty and hope wash away despair,
Fresh beginnings, crisp and beautiful, lie in the air. 

 By Aaron W., Grade 8

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