Thursday, June 9, 2016

Allusion and a Fond Farewell

Miss Levin's ninth-graders concluded the year with The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and here is a poem one student wrote inspired by this book.


Exhaustion whispers me to sleep as the third day comes to a close
My dreams are dull and full of darkness since fear takes a hold of me

I hear the sleight sound of the symphony bird songs fading

But I don’t know why, but I would find out because the Orchestra was about to start

I’m so intend of dreaming that I don’t feel the faint sting on my skin
The feeling grows stronger making me wake up to a terrible nightmare

A fiery inferno is about to in gulp me in one swoop but my instinct react

I fall from my tree I was perched on like a young predator would do
When I land all I can feel is the burning ashes, dig their way into me

It’s devouring my flesh, causing pain runs its way through me

I try to awake from this nightmare but I can’t, this is the Hunger Games, this is real
I run from the hands of the death, trying to fight the pain and anxiety

But anxiety takes control of me and makes me fall down for death to take me

I can’t but think it’s my fault for this terrible death, this terrible event to happen
But then my hatred turns to the capital, their fault for me to die this way

I can’t give up this easily, I need to fight, for Prim, for myself, for revolt

I take a grasp on the anxiety and hide it for later
I grab my bow and my backpack, dashing through the woods like back home

I look to my side seeing a figure, it’s Gale! He’s here! We’re hunting together
“You can do this Katniss! You’re better than they are!” I hear him whisper

Then I see Gale fade into the flames, He’s given me courage to win
I shake my head trying to make the memories leave but then I see Cinna

He is hugs me, telling me in his soft tone that send chills down my back
“You can win! They love you! Keep the audience hooked”

Then the hug consumes me and the memory of him does as well
Cinna gives me faith of winning the games

As the fire plays it tricks on me while I’m running away from the inferno
It has showed me Gale and Cinna, who’s next?

I close my eyes and open them again, Its Prim
Of course it is, why it wouldn’t be, I fall under the flames spell again

I remember I told her I would win for her, and that’s what I plan to do

Well, we all made it to the end of the academic year.
And we'd like to thank you, our readers, for your loyal support.  After all, without you, we would not exist!  Now it's time to celebrate the year and all the ups and downs it has brought our way.
Think of taking the stand and appreciating the good things in life, stopping to smell the roses and never letting the thorns drag you back, as you read this powerful poem, created by Mr. Hepler and Mrs. Vogelsinger's students during a fusion poem activity.  They blended language from poems they found during National Poetry Month to create this fond farewell! And one last thank you to all of our editors for making this year's magazine great!

Artwork by Ethan V., Grade 9

The Art of Not Giving Up

As the script of life progresses,
Hold fast to your dreams.
Live simply and wisely,
Stay faithful, kind, and true,
And don't lament the things 
You will never have,
Control of,
Or do.

Perched on mountaintops,
You gaze down upon the awaiting world below,
Crystal waves crash,
Grandfather trees grow,
And golden grains of sand sparkle,
With infinite possibility and potential.

Step confidently forward, and the road shall rise to meet you.
Even when life is ravaged
By flaming hate,
A single asphalt flower
Shall rise from the ashes. Your love will not die.
Even when you feel like a bird with broken wings,
Don't let your spark go out.

Keep on trying.
Keep on fighting.
Don't forget to LIVE.
Be hopeful, but not oblivious to the future.
Stand your ground,
And take this world by storm.

by David H. (and his group), Grade 9

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