Thursday, March 29, 2018

March Out of Winter

Well, winter has taken its toll on literary magazine meetings, but we have soldiered through this last blast of winter to bring you a meaningful post.  We are looking forward to springing into action for April and avoiding bad seasonal puns.  

Artwork by Kaylie S., Grade 9


Just because I am alone, it does not make me lonely. 
Too many people overwhelm me. 

Thought don't flow into my mindless small talk, 
can't talk, so just stop. 

I need Alone.

Those interactions block my brain, which gives me lockjaw.

In my head I feel safest, a king upon his throne. 

I love Alone.

I hate Alone.

I can't handle Alone by myself. 

When I'm alone, the voices are the only ones around. 

Around me there is nothing because there is no one except for myselves.

Only the worst is inbound.

When I am alone, supports collapse and darkness weights down my brain, and
It reigns. 

I hate Alone. 

by Benjamin Z., Grade 8

Artwork by Alexa H., Grade 9

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