Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Sonnets

While reading the classics of Shakespeare, the ninth grade class was inspired to compose sonnets of their own. To celebrate the literary idol, sevenatenine has decided to share a few of their creations.

Lying in bed with these buds in my ears,
From ambient silence, to rhythmic beat
The loud pulsations drowning out any fears
Digitalism’s “Pogo” blasting on repeat
Music evokes powerful emotions
It is simple to get lost in its tones
Seduced by its timeless musical motions
These rhythmic sounds can chill to the bones
Music is in your soul, even from the start
Filling the museum that is your mind
I would sacrifice all to hear this art
Even prefer to go utterly blind
Music is what adds color to this realm
And it grows larger as a great old elm
Brendan P., 9th grade
Pencil Marks
I do remember we discussed it,
Once, how memory is like pencil mark
How over time it starts to fade a bit.
Memories overlap as they grow dark.
When I recall the halls of those old haunts,
They swarm with pigment that was never there,
Sometimes, the bleedings of some other thoughts
Infect reality they snare and tear.
Piano playing fingers tinged with my
Pre-school impressions of dinosaur skin,
Plus a white smile like a summer sky
With black of crumbling sooty coal inked in,
All these things feel like dreams when I think back.
It scares me that so many dreams go black.
Tessa K., 9th grade

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