Monday, April 30, 2012

Allusions to Literature

One of the most beautiful things about literature is the ability to inspire and be inspired by other works. Ms. Schmitt's class has taken this initiative to heart, creating poems based on popular literary works, including The Hunger Games and Out of My Mind, which are available in the library to enjoy.

A poem based on The Hunger Games

Districts fight to the death
Starvation, hunting, killing
Fear and panic
To be in is thrilling
Want to escape, but not able to
Dying and dying and dying
You want to win
For fame, fortune, and glory
It is WAR.

By Alex L., 7th grade

A poem based on Out of My Mind

No one knows
Just how smart she is
She can’t tell them
She’s trapped in her head
Can’t talk
Can’t walk
Can’t write
She wished she could just speak up
Mountains of words
Surround her
She remembers everything
There’s no delete button
She wishes she could just escape.

By Jacky W., 7th grade

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