Monday, May 7, 2012

Literary Inspiration

Sevenatenine has found yet another set of poems inspired by famous works of literature, featuring a wide range of genres and topics. Enjoy the writers' interpretations of the novels in their own forms of poetry!


I’ve fallen in love
I’ve fallen into dreamland
He’s magnetic
He’s dangerous
He makes me forget
I miss my life
It’s tough
It’s compelling
Some things I see clearly
While others a misunderstanding
I’m screaming
Trying to wake up
I’m sorry
This is real
This is making me oblivious
It’s made me withdrawn
It’s made me different
With or without is a problem
Stay; go
Love; hate
Which way?

By Claire A., 7th grade
Based on Dreamland

Imperfect Utopia

High expectations
Always striving to be perfect.
You are a model of perfection,
A shining example.  It’s a disguise.
But no one knows,
You are controlled.
Nothing can stop the exposure.
Trying, trying, trying,
Fighting, fighting, fighting
To stop.
You cannot stop loved ones,
They are forever gone.
There is no disobeying.
A terrible life you are forced
To enjoy.

By Ana P., 7th grade
Based on Candor

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  1. A cilabration of something you know others want, but you don't want to be. An amazing explanation of a soul trapped below sand.