Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hurricane Haiku

Everyone came across staggering images during the course of Hurricane Sandy; some of us even captured pictures of them in our own backyards!  The photograph below was taken by Charles Sykes of the Associated Press (AP), and it inspired two Holicong eighth graders to write some haiku. (And yes, in case you are wondering, the plural of "haiku" is "haiku.")

Bumblebees drowning
Head first, then stingy black tails
Wings too damp to fly.
Arden H., eighth grade
Zombie taxi cabs
Rising from the storm water
Pushing through the lake.
Matthew C., eighth grade
Love those metaphors, Arden and Matthew! Keep up the good work!
In other random word knowledge, who knew that the word "stingy"-- as in "He's so stingy he took her to Wendy's for a first date" -- is spelled the same way as "stingy" in Arden's poem, which refers to the "stingy" black tails of bumblebees. 
Additionally, if you saw some images circulating the Internet during the hurricane that you thought were too bizarre to be true, check out this blog article from The Atlantic to verify the accuracy of the pictures you were sharing:


  1. Hooray for Haiku's! Great job Arden and Matthew

  2. Wow! mind blown! keep up the good work!!!