Monday, November 26, 2012

I Am

Pattern and repetition often result in a poem that gathers momentum as you read it.  We know that is just one of the many facets you will love about the poem below about the struggles of a writer to achieve perfection -- or at least power!

I Am

I am literate and imaginative
I wonder what will inspire me next
I hear my pen gliding across paper
I see a constant flow of letters
I desire to step outside the box

I am literate and imaginative
I pretend to relive the moment
I feel the weight shift under my pen
I touch the fibers of the paper
I dislike being uninspired
I am upset by bland adjectives

I am literate and imaginative
I know there are a million ways to word it
I believe I will inspire the emotions of others
I dream of the image I distill with my words
I try to string all my thoughts in to order
I hope my words capture the attention of others.

I am literate and imaginative

Maddy G.
Grade 9

artwork by Davia D.

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