Tuesday, February 11, 2014

As we head into the cold, dark winter months, Ms. Levin’s ninth grade classes have inspired us with poetry about a time they have been “In the Dark.”

First, we have a poem by Savannah B., who writes about evil, hidden in the darkness of the night.

Pitch Black


Of the darkness, night will come,
‘Til the day that I am done.
The starlit sky so dim as
the burnt-out sun.


Why so the clouds be red,
Their haze as fiery as the devil’s head.
Yet a sky so blue, it lights the way,
To sing me softly to slumber.


The wind, it takes me to and fro,
To swiftly to softly as I go.
I am met by the eyes aglow,
Of my worst nightmare.


A blaze, it stands not far from me,
Drowning me in the Bering sea.
Held heavy by the waters capturing,
Empty as breath would be.


Flocked by swarms of heron,
The demon’s children,
Gouging and rapping at my body,
That lies like the Titanic, sunken.


No escape is ever found,
What I remember is all that’s bound.
Of the darkness, night will come,
‘Til the day that I am done.

Savannah B, Grade 9

Next, we have Owen R. poetically describing a simple walk through the darkness of dawn.

Feeling like
An intruder as I walk
Slowly, quietly,

Not wanting to interrupt
The fragile dawn.

Every footstep, a cannon blast-
Every breath, a roar.


Windows watch,
As I make my way

up the street.


Feeling unnatural,
Out of place,

As if

Even the sky was caught
off guard

And didn’t know, or didn’t care
That I am awake

That my day begins now

And I walk.


Trudging past sleeping houses,
Bleary streetlamps,

Drowsy streets.


Breathing in the sharp, still air
Around me

Resignedly watching the horizon

As the sun finally begins
To rise


But before light peeks over
The horizon, I


In the dark.

Owen R., Grade 9

Carly W. explains the feeling that even when you are in the light, you can be in the dark when you do not trust what is going on around you.

“In the Dark”


I see nothing, but hear and feel everything.

 Thinking of so many things

 Step by step I am closer, closer

 A rustle in the bush here,

 Whispering voices over there,

 A queer shiver rushes down my spine

 I feel so alone,

 But at the same time I don’t

 Like a million eyes are on me

 A body to every voice,

 And to every lurking shadow

 And when you start noticing them

 They will notice you
Carly W., Grade 9
Stay tuned for another set of "In the Dark" poems from ninth graders next time on sevenatenine!

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