Monday, March 3, 2014

Somehow, the winter never seems to leave us this year.  Today we bring you a follow-up to our series of darkness poems from Miss Levin's ninth graders.  And we hereby commission you, our readers, to write us some bright spring poems so we can share them next week. 

With her wonderful poem, Maggie M. reminds us that out of darkness, there can still be goodness and love.

dancing in the dark

standing, swaying
the dark lit only by the stars
a whirl of air keeping us together
dancing, laughing
the furl of my dress swirling around us
a space big enough for our complex steps
doting, knowing
the warmth of your hand against mine fills my heart
a feeling of contentedness, looms between and within us
knowing, whispering
the day will break, and with it the one thing in which we can trust
a promise kept to only us, that the stars, will bring us home once more
Maggie M., Grade 9

Caity M. takes us back in time to a place where our toys can become some of our darkest fears, and shows how we grow to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of.
Good Night, Strange Dark Corner

Breathing in the frigid air in my room
Under the covers I look all about
Cold and stuffy like in a pharaoh’s tomb
Holding in my fear trying not to shout


The dark is concealing and hides a strange being
And in it my eyes cannot see
The fear in my heart tells me I should be fleeing
But the curiosity in my head asks me what it could be


I stare at the corner across from my bed
Reassuring myself it’s only my imagination
Searching all of the weird creatures I used to picture in my head
Or maybe a demon saying a weird incantation


And then the dark wasn’t as scary
It wasn’t evil or bad
There was nothing in my strange dark corner that was hairy
And all of a sudden my thoughts were glad


That dark corner was a place to be still
A place that I could dream sweet dreams
Sure, my imagination can give me a chill
But not everything is as it seems


So there I lay in my dark room
Under the covers as I look about
My dreams were in full bloom
And my fear has never had more doubt

Caity M., Grade 9

Many people can get lost in darkness, and fall to its desires.  However, Christian H. demonstrates that it is possible to escape the darkness unscathed.
The Darkness Around Me
As the darkness descends upon my skin,
I refuse to let it fill me; I refuse to let in in.
I sit in the room all alone,
Trying to cope with the dark which has set the tone.
After the light has gone, darkness will embrace,
Anyone in the room who has accepted its place.
The dark hides all, the dark is concealing,
I know in my heart that I should be fleeing.

But as I sit alone, in the dark,
I realize that it has not left its mark.
The darkness has not scarred me; it has not changed me,
I am free from it like the sea.
As I sit alone, in the dark,
I ponder how darkness eats at you, like a shark.
How I refused to let it overtake,
And how I just wouldn’t break.

Now I can finally cope with
Being in the darkness.
Christian H, Grade 9
Last but not least, we have Shania B., who brings into her poem a real-life struggle about being lost in the darkness, unable to find a way out.

Into The Dark

In the dark I was alone
By myself with my ghost.
No one to turn to;
No one would help.


That feeling of lost
That feeling of being alone
I kept struggling for truth,
Struggling for a friend.


I wanted help, but didn’t know how to get it
I wanted a friend; I wanted the truth
No one would let me in


I wanted the best for myself
I wanted to protect me
I didn’t know how kids could be so mean


I went into the dark
No, not just that year
Not just the next
But years after
And the worst part:

The worst part is I’m still there

 Shaina B., Grade 9


We hope you enjoyed this selection of poetry from Miss Levin’s ninth grade classes!  Remember to keep checking back for more literature, and e-mail Mr. Vogelsinger at if you have anything you would like to submit to the blog!

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