Sunday, March 8, 2015

Figuratively Speaking

In Mrs. Trammel's seventh-grade English classes, students have been studying figurative language.  They recently published handcrafted poetry books highlighting their use of figurative language techniques, and this month we share a few of the best selections from their work.


In his left hand, he plans a death;
In his right hand, he gives the order to kill.

Within his eyes he sees fear, panic, and slaughter,
But within his mind he clings to the images of a family praying.

And his oldest son looks like the one he has lined up.

But his sleep is a safe haven where he can escape,
He sees home, as innocent as the dog waiting at the door.

The next day his ally misplaces a foot,
And his sleep is torture,

He holds a fight in his hands,
And his heart holds loyalty and hope for us.

by William M.
Grade 7

by Mrs. Ritter's art student
Grade 7

Weighty Words

To be abased at any time would absolutely stink,
To be lowered in position or rank is nothing one could think.

But even worse than a demotion, bifurcation would be dreadful.
To be split into two parts is definitely not helpful.

Opposite from depressing, who wouldn’t want to coruscate?
One would love to sparkle and gleam, like the money of a cheapskate.

Having a dogmatic personality can be used for good or ill.
Stubbornly holding to one’s opinion can be a very useful skill.

And being expedient isn’t a trait to make one shine,
Taking the easy way out is a very lazy sign.

Acting felicitous in school can be an arduous task.
Showing great happiness requires a very thick and impenetrable mask.

However, being heretical isn’t a very good trait.
Going against the beliefs of one’s family can completely alter their fate.

Juxtaposition can be very useful in the world of fashion,
To place side by side, and possibly judge, is a sign of a true passion.

To be a kleptomaniac is not something to proclaim.
Stealing things, especially stuff one can afford, will not earn them much fame.

Laxity is yet another feature to disguise.
People who are lazy, careless, and forgetful, out of bed they cannot rise.

But lazy people might do a misdemeanor;
A low level crime requires no deceiver.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr., nonconformity is good,
Not fitting in and standing out, is definitely a “should”.

by Annie H.
Grade 7

Expressing a World Through Skating

Ice skating is a firework,
That explodes inside of me,
As I land my jump.

Ice skating is an endless river,
That flows through me,
As I sway in my spin.

Ice skating is a delicate flower,
That skims the ice,
As I glide through my spiral.

Ice skating is a world of ideas;
They are expressed through my body
In one way or another.

by  Gillian S.

artwork by Scotty S.
Grade 7

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