Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stallions of Zeus

artwork by Evelyn H.
Grade 8

Stallions of Zeus
While a bitter wind moaned,
Whose keening pleas rose above,
Until engulfed by screeches of mercy,
So that the branches shivered with fright;
Brooding clouds hung imminent in the charcoal sky.

How suddenly it struck,
As a fork of light speared,
Splitting the sky in pieces,
While it crackled with electricity,
The air fizzed with static.

When a thousand drums beat,
So that the cacophony deafened all,
After it trampled the ground,
As if stallions galloped throughout,
They crushed everything under vicious hooves.

While the chaos raged on,
After all Cain broke loose,
So that the pandemonium sailed the tumult,
When lightening flashed and wind howled,
Thunder growled in its cave of storm clouds.

When suddenly it was gone,
So that the silence hung in the air,
As if the stallions dashed off,
Until no more of them were heard,
And the wind, neighing in terror, was quenched like a candle.
Vita M.
Grade 8

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