Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inside, Outside, Upside Down

OK, so maybe the fact that we stole this month's title from a Dr. Seuss book is proof that we are still getting over our school's production of Seussical, but we are thrilled to share a poem today with a special design. 

This poem is actually two poems in one.  It can be read top-to-bottom, in the traditional manner, or bottom-to-top.  Each way, the poem creates a different meaning, but it still works.  Congrats to the ninth-grade PEN students who worked in small groups to craft one of these "palindrome poems." 

It’s time to grow up

And I cannot accept that

It’s okay to imagine

Hidden treasure and undersea castles

You need to keep your

Distance from fairy tales


Let your imagination fly

You need to

Accept the truth because

Dreams don’t.

Life Changes

Accept the reality

Of leaving behind your childhood

Get rid of thoughts

Of faraway lands and distant dynasties

Hold onto your reality


Throw away your fantasies of flight


Keep your dreams.
by Deepti T., Emily H., Rachel W.

infographic designed by Jake N.
Grade 9

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