Thursday, October 8, 2015

Eighth Grade Reading Inspirations

Greetings from the eighth grade!  These two poems were inspired by reading in Mrs. Schmitt's English class.  We hope you enjoy them!


We’re from the down under
Darker days, notorious nights
Aggressiveness, greed, recklessness
That’s all they’ll ever recognize

We are the streets
Rigid, firm
Pummeled over our assiduous actions
Mistreatment, just a daily ticket

Ticket to the gentry
Ignorant loiterers
Terminating the cold, black cement they call a person

They call us
Lurking under rusty fumes
Of our dimmed, facetious “life”

by Lindsey F., Grade 8

artwork by Emily W., Grade 8


Cold Soul

Harsh and rigid,
Cold down to the bone,
Eyes lacking warmth,
A heart made of stone.

We shape up when we’re around him,
He can’t know we’re weak,
We shape up to satisfy,
Those icy eyes, ever so bleak.

by Olivia M., Grade 8

artwork by Sydney E., Grade 8

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