Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Bit of Candy to Start the Year

Hello, Holicong! The sevenatenine staff is back together and ready for an incredible new year! Returning editors and newcomers alike are all here and we can't wait to get this started and for good reason, too.  We have incredible things planned for this year!

 First of all, many readers out there are probably new to our magazine, so first we'll tell you what it is all about here, and how you, the readers, can make your own contributions to our site! At sevenatenine, we aspire to curate the best and brightest works of creativity made by students of Holicong Middle School, whether they be art, creative writing, or essays, and display them up on our site for everyone to enjoy.

 You can submit a work by giving it to your English teacher, or you can bring it directly to Mr.Vogelsinger out in Mod 4. Then our keen-eyed team of devoted editors will hand-pick the best works from that month's submissions, and the selected entries will be posted up on our website. You might even see yours! Whether you are a contributor or just a reader, we know you will enjoy the wide array of our school's creativity.

Also, one more thing. We love to hear thoughts and feedback from our readers. We encourage everyone to drop a comment down below and get involved. Just because you are not submitting a work does not mean you can not contribute to our little community.

Like a delicious lollipop, we can't wait to UNWRAP the limitless creative potential of our students, and we can't wait to kick off a fantastic new year!

We'll see you tomorrow with our first poetry of the year from eighth grade (on the eighth of the month, get it?) Stay creative, Holicong!

-- David H. and Ethan V., Grade 9

artwork by Lyndsey Z., Grade 7

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