Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Famous Last Words

Well, fair readers, it comes to the time of the year where we need to say goodbye for the summer.  In all honesty, we had planned to post on the seventh, eighth and ninth of June, but it never quite happened, so instead we are here at the last possible hour crafting slightly clever farewells.  We wish you all the best and will see you in September!

From Mr. V. -- These may be my last words, but while most of our editors will be moving on to East, I will still be here next year, running the magazine.  So this isn't goodbye -- it's just "sayonara."

From Ashley -- I have learned a lot about great literature from my time in this group.  If you are looking for forms of self-expression and creativity, participate in sevenatenine.  Now is your big chance!

From Max -- Everything boils down to your true personality.  Stop pretending and start growing up.

From Rachel -- Today we close a book, but the pages keep turning -- we have merely reached the end of the beginning . . .

From Zoe -- "Change is the basis of all history." -- Jenny Holzer: The only way to proceed is to alter where you are. Sevenatenine has been a lovely experience, and it will continue to be so even after we depart (well, not in a death sense of course).

From Carter -- If you are looking for a way to share your views on the world, join Sevenatenine. 

From Gina -- "How long is forever? Sometimes just one second." -- Lewis Carrol: It's been longer than a second, but it felt like forever. Everyone can find his or her forever.  Maybe it's closer than you think!

artwork by Nathan Morgan, grade 8

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