Monday, May 11, 2015

Shakespearean Sonneteers

Each year, after studying Shakespeare, Miss Levin's students try to craft that most beautiful and challenging type of poem: the sonnet.

In just fourteen formally rhymed lines, they aim to capture some profound observation about life to share. Here are two of the top sonnets from the current freshman class. 


I can feel a coming conflagration
That will destroy everything in its way.
Burning with righteous determination.
Coming sans delay.
To divine justice it’s obedient.
To evil it’s an awful scurge.
It will soon sweep in upon the deviant and have many others caught in the purge.
Its mercy is nothing to be feared
It is a spark for enlightening.
Many will soon find it endeared,
Not some wicked spell that is frightening.
We will not be stuck in evil’s mire!
Heaven will cleanse us with this great fire!

by Jack H., Grade 9


Yesterday I was staring at the stars,
Thinking and wondering of the future.
I thought of how I have come oh so far.
My parents strive to take care and nurture.
Just today I was watching the sun set,
I was looking back and thought of my past.
I realized I have so much to learn yet.
My mom always said I was growing fast.
Tomorrow I will think of what I own
And remember all that I once possessed.
Every morning I miss the bubbles blown.
I think of the day I cut my own lawn,
and know some day all I have will be gone

by Amanda K., Grade 9

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