Friday, May 8, 2015

Nature Poetry

Spring is in the air, but this poem was too good to miss.  We found it lost in a folder of submissions, and we thought, "The time for the world to see this poem has arrived!"  We hope you agree!

artwork by Alyssa Gibson
Grade 8

My Tree

When I pull on my old brown
As I pile the thick laces into
messy double knots

Before I slide into my worn,
thin jacket,

While I breathe in the
lavender smell of my house

I relish in the warmth of the crackling fire before
stepping outside into the bitter cold and the icy wind.

As I walk into the woods,

Before I even enter them,

While me shoes crunch over dead leaves,

Though the cold wind sears into my skin, a biting
blanket of a nearing winter

I allow the thick darkness of the forest to close
around me as I push deeper into thick trees
and thorny brush

When I reach my tree,
My beautiful tree,
As I lay my eyes upon it,

My heart stops.

While hundreds of leaves fly around me,
obscuring my vision,

Though the forest is dark

I can see my tree


Laying on its side


Heart shattered like jagged glass,
I sit down next to my tree

And grieve for my fallen friend

by M. K. Maclean, Grade 8

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