Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Coffeehouse Countdown!

So if it seems like we are running a little late on our posts this month, we are!
We have been planning the first-ever Holicong Coffeehouse, and these three posts will lead up to the day of the coffeehouse on Friday the 13th of November.  We hope you can join us.

While surrounded by the world of literature, people can find a companion, someone who they can live a life full of journeys and emotions with. On such journeys, they can also begin their quest for clarity, a deep understanding of life. If You Want a Friend and Clarity will provide you with an insight of these writers' own quests through literature.
If You Want a Friend

If you want to escape,

whisked away

to a world

with more surprises

than stars in the night sky.

Where imagination and reality collide.

And emotions are merely a game.

If you want a friend

that will make you laugh,

wispy like a fairy’s light kiss

or deep and pure like rare diamonds.

That will make you cry,

cause a single lonely tear

or the waterfall of grief from a broken heart.

That will make you mad,

angry like a bloated volcano

ready to unleash its rage.

That will inspire you,

ignite the flame of curiosity

that burns with passion

and intensity

and keeps you up at night,



A friend

that gives you





and a plethora more.

A friend that shows you





and peace.


If you want a friend,

follow the musky scent,



pearl-white pages,

and colorful covers

of the stories

you will never forget.

by Trinity F., Grade 7
artwork by Carmella P., Grade 7
I don’t understand.
I don’t want to understand.
I should understand.
My eyes grasp a tear
But I can’t lock it in
The tears rain down like an April shower
My sadness bubbles to the surface
  I scream but it’s not heard
I cry but it’s not worth hearing
I don’t understand.
I don’t want to understand.
I should understand.
My mind and heart sink low
Entering a puddle of midnight black ink
My dreary eyes close
Sun peeks through these unamendable cracks of wonder
Suddenly, sunlight shatters the storm cloud over my brain
My mind is washed away of worries
My tears slowly fade and dry
I finally understand and I don’t know why
It may be hard but it’s worth the fight
I understand.
I want to understand.
I needed to understand.
by Zara L., Grade 7

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  1. I like the repetition at the end, it helps it flow better.