Thursday, January 7, 2016

Journey's End

The following narrative poem reveals the adventure of a knight who experiences a little bit of everything.  From dragon slaying to finding true love, he remains courageous through it all.  Read on to embark on this journey alongside the noble knight.

Journey's End

We traveled exactly a month and a day,
Searching to find dragon’s lair,
But instead of sharp teeth, and great claws,
We encountered a lady fair.
She told us her carriage and men were destroyed,
Gone in a flick of his tail,
When asked who the culprit of this was,
She said ‘twas the dragon of tale.
We traveled exactly a week and an hour,
My steed, the lady, and I
To find the dragon, the one feared the most,
In the land of Starry Sky.
We met on the way, an ogre as big,
As the trees that grew all ‘round.
He growled and he snarled, his feet stomping hard,
But I fought and left him on the ground.
We traveled exactly a day and three minutes,
Looking to slay the dragon,
With me, my horse, and lassie so fair,
We knew that journey begun.
Night fell in the forest, but clouds filled the sky,
We are all tempted to sleep,
But howls in the dark, eyes, glowing sparks,
Made us stay up on our feet.
We traveled exactly a week and a day,
Encountering nothing but trees.
But behold stood a werewolf, his glare as cold
As the freezing winter breeze.
I slashed with my sword, but it was in vain.
The wolf’s fur was like nettle,
But the lady took off her bracelet of silver,
And killed him as he touched the metal.
We traveled exactly an hour from the wolf,
In search for a dragon with gold,
But in our path, stood a wizard in wrath,
He seemed like a hundred years old.
The lady scoffed as he brandished his stick,
Trying to cast a “spell,”
But riding my horse, we headed on course,
And the wizard chased us ‘till he fell.

We traveled not far from the wizard affair,
We were approaching our goal
When we nearly squished, but I wish
The fairy wouldn’t give a look of coal.
She flittered around us, like a mad fly.
Making obnoxious buzzing sounds,
Exchanging a look, the lady held up her book,
And squashed the pixie to the ground.
We traveled a day from the fairy’s attack,
We were becoming restless,
But soon we could see, the zenith, the peak,
And the view made us breathless.

We climbed until we were over the clouds,
I pointed to the mouth of the cave,
We entered with care, since this was a lair,
And I forgot how to be brave.
The dragon was scarlet, his eyes a deep green,
His teeth, like daggers of ice
His tail was long, almost a furlong
And he was feasting upon mice.

I quivered in fear, cowered in shame,
While the lady drew my sheath,
She fought without tire, while the dragon blew fire,
And I could see his foot-long teeth
The woman was finished, her dragon was dead,
The gold was set out like a feast,
She had but one scar, but it was by far,
Nothing compared to the beast.
We traveled exactly a week and a day,
She had completed my task,
With not more to do, we would start anew,
And I had one question to ask.
I bent on one knee, my heart beating fast.
I wanted to spend my whole life,
Standing beside who I hoped was my bride,
And asked her to be my wife.
-- by Rebecca S., Grade 7

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  1. The line "But instead of sharp teeth, and great claws,/We encountered a lady fair." is very interesting how their perspective changes when they see the thing in the cave.