Friday, January 8, 2016

Light Side/Dark Side

This month, eighth grade student Gigi lets us explore the inner workings of her mind by examining the internal battle we face everyday. She uses dark and light imagery to express the struggle of balancing the two sides of our mind.

artwork by Lily C., Grade 8

Light Side, Dark Side

Light- Simply Happy
Letting happiness seep from inside out
Simply to be happy is all I want to show
Busy by, busy beyond
I busy myself with each strike of the second to show
To show that I really am happy
I may have heavy circles under each speckled eye
Paired with the baggy sweatshirts from my brothers closet
but I’m all right. 
 Streaking the seeping light onto each person I speak
But sputtering
Trying to spit out words
A babbling brook sometimes for speech,
Stuttering with the thoughts overflowing the brim
Like the bathtub down the hall.
Some people look at me funny
Like the wits in my brain are coming out with the words I speak
The seriousness is for those who see it, not those who seek it all the time
I don’t mind
Can others feel happy?
I let them do their own,
flow with the thoughts that they speak.
I don’t mind
And I never will know
Simply happy is all I will show.

Dark- Weighted Thoughts
I'm drained, tired of this
These weights down my pocket
As I thinkandthinkandthink
Now it’s too much
You’ve felt it trembling through your hands
Sadness Shaking
I want everything straight
A crisp line across in the row
Absolutely perfect
It hurts that it can’t be
It hurts that I can’t be the person I’ve wanted to be.
Why can't I
Look like this
Work swift like that
Sleep full through the nigHT TOO
MAny thoughts here
they clutched my brain
what a small world this really is.
But I still want to feel happy; I snatch the smoothed
stones from the linted depths of my pocket
I place them by my side
There is so many better things to do than dwell
there is so much more to my puzzle than these weighted thoughts.

-- by Gigi F., Grade 8


  1. I think you constructed Light side Dark side very well. I liked the line in the poem with "Streaking the seeping light onto each person I speak/But sputtering"

  2. The way the poem is formed is very unique. The ending makes the reader feel complete/interested