Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Poetic Turn

Marjorie really brings to life the aspects--good and bad--of family life. She describes that the imperfect qualities of families are what make them so dynamic. Marjorie depicts how families will love you at the end of the day no matter what by building in a "turn" in this poem. 

The Ideal Family

First there’s a little bit of screaming

Mixed with a little bit of yelling.

Then you add a few tears,

Topped with lots of confusion.

You’re blamed for things you didn’t do

And lie about things you were supposed to do,

Getting into fights you don’t understand

And yelling “I hate you” even though it’s not true.

As life drags on, you seem to drift farther

And farther away

From the ones that really matter

And the ones that truly care.

Times goes on and the memories continue to fade out.

It comes down to only seeing them at dinner,

And then sometimes not even at all.

You go days on end without saying one word.

This isn’t the way you want things to be.

You sit in your room all alone and say,

“How can they treat me like this?”

This is not the way you want to be treated inside your own home.

You start thinking to yourself what a normal family would be like:

No arguments.

No punishments.

Nothing to make any sort of conflict.

Oh, your mom yelled at you for not taking your dog out?

You think to yourself and say,

“If I lived in another house, I would be treated with respect”

Then, the images of a new life come to mind.

Getting woken up just at the perfect time by your mom

And having your clothes already picked out,

Walking downstairs to the kitchen

And there is your lunch, already perfectly packed.

That’s not all you get this morning

Because your mom drives you to school.

Then, at the end of school, you check your phone,

And there’s a text from your mom saying she’s here to pick you up.

Just when you think you’re on your own,

Your mom decides to make you an afterschool snack.

She asks you how your day went

And if there’s anything she can do to make it better.

A few hours pass, and you’re left alone.

Then, she calls you over for dinner.

All she does is talk, talk, talk about you

And no one else.

Everyone in your family is being awkwardly nice to you,

Suddenly cares so much about you,

Doesn’t leave you alone,

And your dog even wants you to pet him.

You get back up to your room to realize,

This isn’t the ideal family.

The ideal family would have balance.

Nothing would always be perfect or always be bad.

The ideal family would be where everyone cares about each other,

But there are still conflicts

Because if there’s no one yelling at you for your mistakes,

Are they really mistakes at all?

An ideal family is here to help you through your hard times

And not dismiss them and only make things good.

Ideal families give each other space

But are still there when you need them to be.

A family by definition is a group of people who are related to each other,

But in your heart you know it’s more than that.

Labels like mom, dad, brother, and sister are names you give to those

That mean a lot to you.

People will come and go in your life,

But your family will be here forever.

Through your rough times and your happy times,

They will always be here for you.

Whether they’re biologically related to you or not,

Your family is here to stay,

Whether you want them here

Or not.

by Marjorie B., Grade 9

Evelyn's drawing of Michael Clifford is a great representation of a realistic portrait. The detail is finely expressed through Evelyn's artistic ability, and the drawing looks just like the band member himself.

Artwork by Evelyn H., Grade 9

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