Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seldom do we have such a perfect match of a picture and a poem, but here is a sunrise captured in words and graphics created by Holicong students. 

Beach Day

Early morning,
Grainy sand clinging to my feet,
Waves lightly coat my toes like a watercolor painting.


Crystal-clear tumbling waves,
Towels whipping in the wind,

Beach toys sprinkled across the sand like crayons after a kid has scribbled with them.


Seagulls screeching in search of food,
The smell of salty sea water,
Tall dune weeds sprout from the ground like brushes from a cup.


Colorful umbrellas providing shade,
Glasses protecting my eyes from the sun,
Pinching lotion from a bottle like trying to get the last few drops of paint.


Storm cloud-grey fish swim about,
Rock barriers between sections of beach,
Shells scattered across the sand like splatters on a canvas.


The beautiful Sea Isle, New Jersey.
by Katie B., seventh grader
drawing by Madeline G. (no relation to Kenny G)


  1. That picture blew my mind! I think it is competition with Stary Night by Van Gogh! It is like a sunset and sunrise at the same time! Crazy ya'll.

  2. WOW! If i could paint/ draw like that i would enter it in a contset and win!