Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Is a Murmuration?

Have you ever heard of a murmuration before?  If not, you must check out this video before reading the poem below.  This is the video that prompted eighth grader, Lily M., to craft her poem. Simply awe-inspiring!


The birds didn’t fly

They danced

Stirring as if they choreographed it

The sky was a swirling black mass

Flooded with birds

Like a blanket over the island

The birds covered it

Now twirling again

Mocking those who are flightless


Lily M.
P. S. Thanks to another eighth grader, Matthew R., for his research.  He discovered that often a murmuration is sparked by a nearby predator, like a hawk, and the birds, by sticking together, can chase away or confuse the predator. Only birds who fall out of sync with the rest of the murmuration are in danger.

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