Monday, October 15, 2012

Taking the Plunge

While these poems both examine literal dives into the water, they can easily be interpreted figuratively as well.  After all, any time we try something new we "take a plunge."  Fervently, we "dive right into" our work.  And through it all, we try to "stay afloat."

The Great Unknown
If I remember correctly,
We had been laughing,
Laughing at the great unknown.
It seemed almost crazy,
To jump into the growing darkness
Called the sea.
Yet there we were,
And jumping into the salty water.


The mist off the great waves stung my eyes
And coated my tongue.
The cool air,
Encased me,
As if it too was afraid
I would fall and hurt myself.
My small body broke the surface of the water
And sent me tumbling downward
Into the darkness.

The water attacked me
And refused to let me out of its icy grip.
I fought against the current that had been
Pulling me in all directions.
But I prevailed,
And broke the surface once again.

My chest heaved as I gasped for much needed air.
And the distant cry of a seagull
Penetrated my ears.
But I could stay no longer,
In the icy water.
My fun would soon be over,
For my supper waited.

Anna A. -- Eighth grade

At Peace 
I feel the daze of the sun as it beats down,
Glazing the ocean with a golden coat.
I inhale, taking in the salty air that surrounds me.
My heart pounds and I slam my eyes shut as I dive, leaving the dock behind me.
Cutting through the icy blue floor, sharp and swift,
I feel the waves around me shatter and I emerge into a universe of silence.
Serenity consumes me, those few moments of peace slipping away,
As I emerge to the creamy orange sky, greeting my face with warmth.
As my escape from the real world comes to an end,
A certain feeling of familiar joy finds me,
Inviting me home.
Nicole H. -- Eighth Grade

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