Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Sonnet for Spring

artwork by Andrea G.
After a long, lugubrious winter, everyone is basking in this nearly perfect springtime (well, except for the torrents unleashed from the sky today!)  Yeri, a ninth grader, captures the season in a well-crafted sonnet, chosen by students on the sevenatenine staff.

Spring Rain

Love comes to me like a spring rain in May;
My frozen heart is melting in silence.
I'm drenched in the rain on a sunny day;
Your warming hand is my only guidance.
When the spring rain is falling, I miss you;
Your scent is everywhere, I feel your love.
This heartwarming love, do you feel it, too?
Oh, you are the only one I think of.
I have never felt this way before,
I don't know what this is, it just might be love.
This flutter, I want to feel more and more;
This is the love from the heaven above.
My love takes a journey backwards through time,
And the rain keeps falling, can you be mine?
By Yeri H., Grade 9

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