Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Sonnet

Let's be honest -- sonnets are always in season, so here is another!

Artwork by Claire A. Grade 8
The River Styx
Upon its murky darkness heroes swear.
An honor-bound promise no man dare break,
An avowed oath made out to ladies fair,
Assertion of loyalty with high stakes
The legacy of vast Titans befell ,
Fashioned by pacts of the Gods during war,
A thin line crossing, the gateway to hell,
Honorable mentions in quests and lore.
A great blessing unknown, power  bestowed,
From its water the bold Achillies shaped,
A coin beneath tounges to be allowed.
The ferry of Styx no man can escape
An everlasting flow, a constant stream,
Bittersweet remanants of broken dreams
by Torin L, Grade 9

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