Monday, May 20, 2013

Springtime Sonnet #2

What is it about Spring turning freshmen into sonneteers? It's the last one for a while, we promise! What is your favorite line?  Tell us in the comments.

Artwork by Alexa M., Grade 8


The wind massages flowers on the trees.
The early morning light awakens Spring.
The snows of winter melt; the grass is free.
Resounding in the woods the birds calls ring,

Awakening the world from its slumber.
The midday sun awakens wildflowers,

Gold is the hour, mighty as thunder,

All things shine brightest in their early hours.

The gently trick’ling creek quenches thirst.
The laughs of children break the silent dawn .
The water always flows fastest at first .

It is a hopeful time of year for all.

Summer’l come, school’l end, their best days will come.
They’ll still cherish those spring days in the sun .
by Jared J., Grade 9

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